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Putting An End To Child Starvation Is This Man´s Life Mission

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As the clock strikes midnight, multi-colored fireworks embellish the skies and reveal a snowy mountain landscape. In Aspen, Colorado a man stands outside one of the “trendy spots” where partygoers have assembled to welcome the new year.

The freezing air hits this man, who isn´t holding a glass of champagne, but a handful of envelopes. With a big smile and a genuine desire to spread a valuable message, he greets everyone who walks by.

This man is Robert Haycock, Bobby, a lighthearted and tenacious man who has worked tirelessly for years with one sole objective: putting an end to child starvation.

Bobby has channeled his higher calling and turned into passionate social action through Nourish Our Youth, a nonprofit organization committed to ending child starvation by the year 2025.

We interviewed Mr. Haycock, in an effort to further understand his motivation and plans to accomplish such an important humanitarian endeavor:

When did you realize you wanted to dedicate your time and effort to combat child starvation?

Ever since I was a little child, I always had big dreams. By the age of 10, I was shining shoes in a barber shop. by 11 I was running 3 different paper routes at one time. At 14 I sold snow cones, at 15 I worked for a pizza place. At 16 I was working for a private car dealership and transporting cars back and forth from Montana, driving 24 hours straight, there and back. At 17 years old, I started my first company called "Totally Awesome Lawn Care, LLC" Subsequently, I was working in the film industry working for different studios. I decided to move to Los Angeles and work for a production company in 2008. Then, Lehman brothers filed for bankruptcy and I went from living a great life with money I thought would never run out to living in a cargo van with in 6 months. It was a humbling experience.

“I finally decided to make a change and moved to Colorado. I got a good paying job in Aspen, made enough money in 4 months to move to Cali, Colombia to work for an orphanage.”

That´s where I realized how good Americans have it. I´d see people struggle every day with no real hopes of getting ahead in life. Working with children who didn't have families. I realized that children in even worse off countries than just Colombia never really had a fighting chance. I found that most children had "NO DREAMS", No dreams of a better future. To them, it was all about survival all the time.

So... How come as a child I could have dreams? How come these children couldn't? I figured out the source. It was all about "Food". That was the pure source. If children were hungry, never really knowing if they were going to eat the next day... Their entire focus was on eating. Pure survival all the time. They had no room to dream. They would eat one cup of daily rice in the evening, just so they didn't have to go to bed hungry. Unlike me. I was bored, went to a cupboard just to eat because I simply had nothing else to do - I was afforded the privilege simply because I was born in a country that has so much food that we can focus our time on building a better future for ourselves.

I realized after the caravans were coming up from central & south America that over 25,000 children starve to death every single day and the only reason so many of these children are coming to America is because they are so tired of going hungry. If the kids aren't going hungry in those countries, it'll free up their time to figure out how to make their own lives better and also their countries which in turn, will result in a better land for everyone to live in, which should drive down crime and increase their economies. I decided, If I was going to dedicate my time to this cause, it needed to go past just the worst parts of the western hemisphere, we need to feed all malnourished children around the world because it's completely ridiculous that children are starving to death in the 21st century when there is so much wealth and food to share.

100 years ago, we didn't have the internet, we didn't have semi trucks, we didn't have massive cargo ships, but in America, we´ve always had entire states filled with nothing but food.

Today, in 2020 we have all of those things & more. There is absolutely No excuse for children to be starving to their graves. So my life is committed to this cause and I won't stop until I find others who will share in the same vision and end this once and for all. It shouldn't take more than 5 years if the right people come forward but it requires action. I am not looking to make this a life long cause. I am looking to solve an issue that needs to be solved and then move onto the next accomplishment of my life. Life is short. It is sacred. It is, what we make of it. We have set up everything. All people need to do now is show up and get involved and we will do the heavy lifting. Talk is over. It's time to do something.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you've faced since you launched "Nourish Our Youth"?

On New Year´s Eve, we went up to Aspen, Colorado to pass out "Choose Your Own Level of Involvement" flyers and we would ask people if they wanted an awesome New Year´s resolution. Many would say yes and as soon as we would say... "How about getting involved to end child starvation?" many would flat out and say no or "Oh that's nice”, but reject the flyer.

I asked one girl "Do you want an awesome New Year´s resolution and her response was "Well, my life is pretty perfect... So..." and I said, "But what about everyone else who is struggling in the world?", and she just walked past more focused on the $10,000-dollar bottle of champagne about to be popped open at midnight. Ten thousand dollars could feed 10,000 children for thirty days.

I would say our biggest challenge is getting people to think outside themselves. To realize how much suffering is in the world. Especially in children. To realize that just because our life is "perfect" it should be our job to reach back down and lift others up. Life is so hollow when we think only of ourselves. As Will Smith so elegantly puts it... "If you are not making someone else's life better, then you are wasting your time!"

Selfishness is a real problem in America and we have SO MUCH! Yet in impoverished countries, a family could have nothing and offer you the little they have, simply because they know what it feels like to be without. We never want to think we are selfish but the reality is that we are. If we weren't, we wouldn't be worried about living in a bigger house and driving a nicer car... We would be more worried about using that money to help others who literally suffer to their graves. I firmly believe if everyone served everyone and gave their whole heart, not just the minimum, we would have no wars, no poor among us and we could live in harmony.

As you know, awareness is key to involvement. What would you say to public figures, social media influences and celebrities that wield the power to attract people's attention? How would you like them to become involved?

The ultimate goal for "Nourish Our Youth" Is to launch a reality TV Series called "Feed a nation for a day" We would challenge 101 celebrities to "Feed A nation for a day". We would follow the life of a celebrity for a day and then to contrast America's lifestyle, we would take them to a country like Nicaragua where children are scavenging through landfills just to find a rotten tomato to eat for the day. We would then have them help make 10,000 Protein-Packed, Nutrient-Enriched hotcakes an hour with us and feed children who otherwise would not eat for the day. Then that celebrity would challenge another celebrity on the list to "Feed a nation for a day". The reason for this is to help spread awareness but more importantly to help set a trend among American's to make it "cool" to feed starving children at any cost.

What are some of your organization's main goals for 2020?

To raise 23 million dollars by Christmas 2020 - Ideally. So we could afford to feed millions of malnourished children on an annual basis.

Can you share a message with our readers?

Please get involved. This is not a solo project. It is a group effort. Just like the honey bee, one simply isn't enough to bring enough pollen to the hive in order to make enough honey for the colony, everything adds up if enough are involved. No donation is too big or too small. I would simply say... "if you think this is someone else's problem... Then you are not only part of the problem... you are the problem. Build yourself a legacy in heaven by giving the gift of life. Remember, you had no say in where you were born. None! Zero!

“If the tables were turned and they were born here and you were born there, would you want someone to fight for your right to life?”

Get involved now and help make a difference: www.nourishouryouth.org