How Thomas Herd and T1 have become pop culture architects - Elite Music News

In the height of the social media era, society has become addicted to instant gratification. Stuck in the dopamine loop, businesses and individuals constantly seek out new opportunities to grow and experience the fastest and most hard hitting validation.

Thomas Herd, CEO of T1 Advertising, has mastered marketing for the digital space with an approach that even Forbes Magazine recognizes as gold-standard science.

Over the last 5 years, Thomas and his team have cracked the code on the loop. Herd’s company is able to engineer fixed plans for every client and each proposal is adjusted to fit the current marketing status and trends; all with risk-free growth. His unprecedented agreement to refund his clients pro-rata for any shortcomings in contract performance separated T1 Advertising from any agency to ever come before it.

T1 ignites viral movements in order to assure growth and market share foothold for their clientele. Thomas and his team study each brand with care in order to formulate authentic and desirable campaigns that will attract the target audience. T1 delivers the results and is one of the most trusted global strategic marketing agencies in the world with over 1200 clients.

T1’s stacked cadre are dispersed in all the major cities and have recently expanded their operations in Monaco and Miami. New York City's Dimetri Hogan, T1’s Chief Creative Officer, is a world renowned entrepreneur who has a zeal for captivating experiences. Hogan uses his fresh take on scientific marketing standards to gain brand visibility for each client under the agency umbrella.

Hogan- aka the Radiant Child, is also a world traveler with a background in the arts. Needless to say, he is a visionary who executed an unprecedented wave of dining concepts that feel and taste equivalent to being in a different part of the world.

Radiant Child’s creative eye has aided his framework to expand ’ popularity via digital content. By taking each visual consumer on an engrossing journey, Hogan has naturally been able to spark an incentive for capturing moments. This has allowed projects he has taken on to thrive.

Meantime, leading the new Miami office is technical marketing genius Brent Ferguson, who has pioneered IG growth and behavioral data mapping solutions that have ignited the growth of numerous industry leading brands such as KOIO and Just Human.

The leadership team at T1 is rounded out by COO Alesh Ancira. A native of Mexico, Alesh has emerged as one of the leading international entrepreneurs from Mexico. Amongst his accolades are partnership deals with Akon, and international branding for Cadillac and the Hard Rock Hotels.